Rooibos tea Squash

Rooibos tea Squash

Rooibos tea is usually drunk with milk and sugar in South Africa. But, rooibos tea squash is a great way to enjoy rooibos tea to cool oneself down on a hot summer day.


2 tsp instant rooibos tea
1 tsp water
50 cc carbonated drink

Best way to prepare

1. Add to a liquid storage container with spout 1 tsp water and 2 tsp instant rooibos tea. Mix well.

2. Pour a carbonated drink into a glass and then add the rooibos mix.

*Be careful to gently pour the carbonated drink to prevent spilling. Also, if you pour too slow, there may not be any foam. Once it's about halfway full, we recommend you to stop pouring the liquid. This will give the foam a chance to settle down. Then, you can slowly adjust the amount of liquid you need for your drink.

*We used cider to make the drink featured in the picture. But you can use any carbonated drink instead.
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