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Home Tea Ceremony Set

Home Tea Ceremony Set

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This Home Tea Ceremony Set is perfect for creating a calm and savory atmosphere.

Create your own tea ceremony at home! Here is the complete set for enjoying matcha at home close to the traditional way.

This set includes:

- Uji-Matcha Jo no Mai
- Takayama Chasen (bamboo whick)
- Chashaku (bamboo teaspoon)
- Whisk stand

In the bowl of your choice, insert 2g of matcha with your chashaku (bamboo teaspoon). Then pour hot water and create a beautiful foam with your chasen (whisk). After using it, you can rinse it and let it dry on the whisk stand.

Matcha Jo no Mai 20 g (0.71oz):

Finely stone ground matcha

Tencha is the name for the tea leaves used to make matcha. Tencha leaves that have been covered for about 30 days are steamed and then dried without kneading. The final step to make matcha is to carefully grind the tencha leaves with a stone. The resulting product is known as matcha.

By grinding the tea leaves with a millstone the grains become finer. As a result, we get a high-quality matcha with a pleasant and mellow taste and easy to foam. The process takes a very long time as well. Usually, it takes one hour to grind 40g of matcha.

This finely stone-ground matcha produced in the famous Uji, Kyoto Prefecture can be used for Usucha (thin) and Koicha (thick) for Japanese tea ceremonies.

See the product page for more details: Uji Matcha "Jo no mai"

Takayama chasen (Bamboo Whisk for Matcha):

The Takayama tea Whisk by Mr. Yasaburo Tanimura of Suikaen is carefully made piece by piece using a traditional art of crafting bamboo whisks that has been passed from one generation to the next for over five centuries.

The beautiful form of these unique items made of 80 bamboo sticks adorned with colorful threads tied in a single knot are eye-catching. They will definitely make your tea time more enjoyable.

縁 (En) Blue and white

Beautiful chasen adorned with straight interlacing threads forming a checkerboard pattern.

See the product page for more details: Takayama chasen (Bamboo Whisk for Matcha)

Chashaku - Bamboo teaspoon:

A bamboo teaspoon is used to make matcha during Japanese tea ceremony. That can be used anywhere and anytime.

See the product page for more details: Chashaku - Bamboo teaspoon)

Whisk Stand:

Celadon whisk holder. Bamboo plant tends to grow straight up from the base. So, you will have to use a whisk stand to keep your whisk in shape.

See the product page for more details: Whisk_stand

Product information 商品詳細

Product type: Other
Format: Powder
Ingredient(s): Japanese green tea
Allergens information:
  Contains: None.
Place of origin: Japan
Net weight: 405 g (14.29oz)
Best-before: 7 months from production date in Japan.
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature. 
Product size: 17.5x17.5x8.5 cm (6.9″ x 6.9″ x 3.3″)

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