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Charcoal Roasted Hojicha “Moegi” (roasted Japanese green tea) - 100g tea leaves

Charcoal Roasted Hojicha “Moegi” (roasted Japanese green tea) - 100g tea leaves

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Product specificity 商品説明

Kukicha (a Japanese tea made of stems, stalks, and twigs) taste features low bitterness and astringency. The fresh scent complements the refined sweetness of this tea.

Roasted over charcoal on ancient craft-based artisan know-how

Coal roasted teas are sweeter and tastier than usual. The coal roasting method helps suppress caffeine and tannins. It results in a tea less astringent and bitter than Sencha.

Craftsmen consider the amount of smoke of the coal fire, the changes in the color of the tea leaves and the weather and humidity of the day to enhance this tea characteristics.

About the taste 味について

A light roast over charcoal offers this tea a more delicate flavor. A delicate scent tickles your taste buds, and a gentle aroma pervades your mouth and lingers.

Charcoal Roasted Hojicha “Moegi” is popular for soothing the stomach. It can be enjoyed by all – children, pregnant women, elderly, – at any time of the day and without limits.

Product information 商品詳細

Product type: Hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea)
Format: Loose leaf
Ingredient(s): Japanese green tea
Allergens information:
  Contains: None.
Place of origin: Japan (Shizuoka prefecture)
Net weight: 100 g (3.53oz)
Best-before: 10 months from production date in Japan.
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature. 
Product size: 11.5 x 23.0 x 1.0 cm (4.5″ x 9.1″ x 0.4″)

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Customer Reviews

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Sascha Horowitz
Wonderful afternoon tea

This tea is very smooth with complex toasty notes and no bitterness. It is mild enough for afternoon or evening use even for caffeine sensitive people. Served traditionally (clear and unsweetened) it is light with delightful layers of flavor. It also takes milk and sugar nicely. This is one of my new favorites, especially nice for days when I want tea later in the day!

Hi Sascha, thank you so much for your review.
We are delighted that you can enjoy hojicha throughout the day!
As you said, hojicha is low in caffeine so it doesn't disturb sleep.
I wish you a wonderful day!