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All Sencha Variations Set

All Sencha Variations Set

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If you curious about Sencha, this set is for you! Sencha is from the tea fields which grown under direct sun light. Here you can enjoy Chikusen, from a traditional Kyoto steaming method, Fukamushi (deep steaming method) and Karigane, high-quality tea made from the leaf stems). 

You can find more information about each tea below.

This set includes:

- Uji Sencha "Chikusen"
- Fukamushi Sencha "Housen"
- Uji Karigane "Hatsukari"

Gift Box included

Uji Sencha "Chikusen" - 80g (2.82oz):

Made with a traditional steaming method which has been handed down from Ancient Kyoto. The harvested tea leaves are immediately steamed to stop fermentation. Tea leaves are knead and dried many times to break the fibers and make it easier to extract the components.

The subtle sweet notes lingering on the palate perfectly complement this tea strong astringent taste.

See the product page for more details: Uji Sencha "Chikusen"

Fukamushi Sencha "Housen" – 80g (2.82oz):

This tea is steamed twice or three times longer than ordinary sencha. The deep steaming method helps enhance the sweet flavor of this tea and suppress astringency. A unique characteristic of sencha is its rich flavor.

"Housen" moderate astringency has a very pleasant taste on the palate. The refreshing aftertaste complement perfectly this tea.

See the product page for more details: Fukamushi Sencha "Housen"

Uji Karigane "Hatsukari" – 80g (2.82oz):

Karigane Kukicha is a high-quality tea made from the leaf stems sorted out and collected during the manufacturing process of Gyokuro and Sencha. This tea is also known as "Shiraore" (白折) and "Boucha" (棒茶).

Karigane is less astringent than Sencha. It is characterized by its refreshing aroma and mellow flavor. Karigane "Hatsukari" is a high-quality green tea with an elegant taste. This tea tastes naturally sweet to the palate.

See the product page for more details: Uji Karigane "Hatsukari"

Product information 商品詳細

Product type: Other
Ingredient(s): Japanese green tea
Allergens information:
  Contains: None.
Place of origin: Japan
Net weight: 240 g (8.47oz)/ 80g x3
Best-before:  10 months from production date in Japan.
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature. 
Product size: 28.8x25.5x4.1 cm (11.3″ x 10.0″ x 1.6″)

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