Iced tea recipe

Iced tea recipe


  • A teapot
  • 15g of tea leaves
  • 1 liter of water
  • A tea infuser
  • Glass cups


1. Put the tea leaves into the tea infuser.

2. Put the tea infuser in the tea pot and pour the water.
※If possible, please use water that has been boiled then cooled. If you use mineral water, we recommend you to choose one with low hardness.

3. Put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

4. Stir all the ingredients with long chopsticks, and pour it in a cup.

5. Add ice according to your own preferences.

By being brewed slowly at a low temperature, this tea has less astringency and a richer umami flavor than hot brew tea.

For the second and third brewing, pour in hot water and enjoy.

What are the best teas for making iced tea?

Kyoto Uji-cha This tea is characterized by a deep aroma. Cold brewing the tea creates a richer and more flavorful experience.
Kagoshima Chiran Tea Cold brew enhances this tea rich taste.
Miyake Farm – Kabusecha This tea has a mild and sweet flavor reminiscent of wine.
Uji Sencha "Shinsen" A sweet fragrance is flattering the astringency of this tea.
Shizuoka Sencha "Kawane" A tea with a refined taste and scent that will delight your senses.
Fukamushi Sencha "Kousen" The sweet-mellow taste sensation is a unique feature of this tea.
Fukamushi Sencha "Keisen" This tea with well-balanced sweetness and astringency is full flavored.
Fukamushi Sencha "Housen" A tea with a moderate astringency and a refreshing aftertaste.
Uji Karigane "Chiyo no tsuru" This premium green tea has an excellent balance of sweet and astringency.
Uji Karigane "Hatsukari" A high-quality green tea that tastes sweet to the palate.
Uji Karigane "Shirasagi" This tea yields a complex flavor. It is a unique mellow-flavored tea with a refreshing aftertaste.
Uji Sencha "Chikusen" A sweet tasted green tea with a refreshing aftertaste.
Uji Sencha "Zuiun" This tea elegant taste is characterized by a strong astringency. Cold brewed, it will taste less astringent.
Uji Gyokuro Cold brewed, this rich in umami tea delivers a new flavor.
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