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Kabusecha from Kyoto Miyake Farm (Japanese green tea) - 100g tea leaves

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Product specificity 商品説明

One of the best-known Uji tea-producing location since the Edo period

Miyake Farm is located in the former town of Kamo, in Kyoto Prefecture, one of best-known Uji tea-producing location. Katsunori Miyake took over the farm as the 13th generation. Together with his son, he keeps working on the farm and growing high-quality tea.

The tea producing area located near the Kizu River is sandy, granitic, and well-drained. The Miyake family was used to grow Sencha in full sun in large fields, but since around 1975, they have been growing kabusecha.

Outside the harvest season, organic fertilizers are used in the tea plantations to aid with plant growth without causing any stress to the leaves. Tea is harvested no more than twice a year to not cause damage to the leaves. In addition, tea plants are pruned every 3 to 4 years to help with rejuvenation.

A high-quality green tea

Tea plantations are shaded to block direct sunlight. As a result, the leaves darken. The lack of sunlight also suppresses the conversion of amino acid (umami) into catechin (tartness). The result is a less astringent taste and a richer umami. Usually, kabusecha tea plants are shaded for about a week before tea leaves are picked. But by covering tea plantations for about 2 weeks to 20 days, it results in a tea similar in quality to Gyokuro.

About the taste 味について

Kabusecha means “shaded tea” in Japanese. Miyake Farm kabusecha tea plants are shaded for a longer period of time than usual kabusecha. It results in a tea similar in character to Gyokuro.

Kabusecha has a mild and sweet flavor reminiscent of wine with a pleasant aftertaste.

Today’s special おすすめレシピ

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Product information 商品詳細

Product type: Sencha (Japanese green tea)
Format: Loose leaf
Ingredient(s): Japanese green tea
Place of origin: Japan (Kyoto prefecture)
Net weight: 100 g (3.53oz)
Best-before: 10 months from production date in Japan.
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature. 
Product size: 11.5 x 23.0 x 1.0 cm (4.5″ x 9.1″ x 0.4″)

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