Verification #1: What makes the meat softer and tastier?

Verification #1: What makes the meat softer and tastier?

Does rooibos tea make the meat tender?

Meat and fish boiled or simmered with rooibos tea are said to be amazingly tender and juicy. Furthermore, rooibos tea is also said to be effective in removing bad smell.

Chikiriya Tea House conducted an experiment to verify this statement.

For the sake of the experiment, we did the same experimentation using lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora). Lemon Myrtle is an Australian native tree that contain more citral compound than lemon. In Australia, it and has established itself as a wonderful culinary herb.


Prepare 1.5 g lemon myrtle, 4 g instant rooibos tea and 4 g rooibos tea in three different bowls. Add 100 ml water and microwave for 3 minutes. Then, let cool in the refrigerator.

Add the meat to the bowls and let marinate for one hour.

1. Meat only

2. Lemon myrtle marinated meat

3. Instant rooibos tea marinated meat

4. Rooibos tea marinated meat

Now, pan fry the meat and season with salt and pepper.


As you might notice from the picture below, the meat marinated in instant rooibos tea and rooibos tea looks juicy with a glossy sheen.

Personal impressions

1. Simple is good. But the meat is a little tough and difficult to chew.

2. The lemon flavor offers a refreshing sensation in the mouth. But the meat is difficult to chew.

3. The meat is soft and tender. The meat is also wonderfully juicy.

4. The meat is soft. And unlike instant rooibos tea marinated meat, the meat is roasted with herbs and has a has a unique aromatic smell. Hence, you can reduce the meat marinating time or increase the amount of water increase the amount of water according to meet your taste preferences.

To conclude, rooibos tea does make the meat tender and juicy.

We hope you could try the rooibos tea marinated meat too!
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